Taking in the long view can be defined as the consideration of events or circumstances likely to occur in the future. A long view can also describe a visual aspect, in being able to see distant places. The name “Longview” was chosen to capture two of the essential qualities of this project. One which describes the stunning distant views and the other which encapsulates the future need for sustainable living. There are many factors that can influence a house design. These can be functional such as the need for certain living spaces, they can be climate factors, landscape factors, environmental factors, ecology factors, financial factors and of course there are aesthetic considerations. Balancing all these factors is the beauty and challenge of the design process. This booklet describes the journey taken during the Longview project to date. It explains the rationale behind the choices made during the landscape driven design process of an exceptional new house and is intended to complement rather than replace the detailed documentation required for a planning submission.
Derek’s career spanned 30 years in R&D (Research and Develop- ment) for an international company. Although no longer involved in commercial R&D, Derek retains a fascination for new technology and ideas across a wide range of topics, including building development. As a former head of floristry and horticulture at a UK college, Amanda has a keen interest in landscape and garden design, interior design, and a passion to teach. During the 8 years at Little Howle Farm, Amanda and Derek have completely renovated the old farmhouse, granary and created two dwellings from disused stone barns. The two barns and the granary are currently used as very successful holiday cottages. www.littlehowlefarm.com. The experience gained during this process has highlighted many areas where house design can improve and drives a passion to build a new house with these ideas implemented. However, the development has significantly enhanced the loca- tion and has been widely complimented by members of the local community and holiday cottage guests. Derek and Amanda are fully integrated into the Howle Hill com- munity and have a strong desire to stay in Howle Hill. However, they are now planning for retirement and the current complex of house plus three holiday cottages is only viable when it is a working business. This sadly means that they will have to move from Little Howle Farm. Building Longview is the next step.
A Long View
The Proponents
Derek and Amanda Cornes have lived at Little Howle Farm in Howle Hill, Herefordshire, since moving from Basel, Switzerland in 2013.
The Planning Submission
After 4 years of pre-planning, extensive research and various evolutions, an independent Design Review Panel agreed that the proposed design is exceptional and meets the criteria to satisfy paragraph 80 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which sets the conditions required for building in open countryside. On November 25th 2022 a planning submission was made to Herefordshire County Council. The summary document (Design and Access Statement) is attached below.